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Walking Meditation
Walking meditation is a great complement to our sitting meditation practice. We can utilise walking meditation to balance the tendency for striving to arise in the sitting meditation while still cultivating mindfulness effectively.
October 31 2022
How to get the most out of your course
Vipassana meditation is a holistic endeavour. I provide you with recommendations that can significantly aid and support your intensive practice period to be more fruitful.
Updated October 30 2022
What is Mindfulness
Mindfulness (Sati in Pali) is a way of being aware or attending our experience that facilitates insight and wisdom. It is the technique and tool that we use in Vipassana meditation.
October 2 2022
The Five Hindrances
The 5 hindrances are a set of five mind-body phenomena that can occur during your Vipassana practice and become obstacles to your meditation. .
September 10 2022
The Five Precepts
The five precepts are rules for ethical conduct and represent morality, the foundation for the rest of our practice. The precepts are to be followed during a a more intensive meditation period and to the best of your abilities in normal daily life as well.
January 15 2022
Science of Meditation
From the book "Altered Traits: Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain, and Body" by Daniel Goleman and Richard Davidson.
October 17, 2021
What is Equanimity
Equanimity is a deep and subtle skill. Equanimity is an art fundamental for conscious living. It gives rise to emotional intelligence and self awareness.
September 30 2021