Helpful resources for your journey

Book Recommendations

The Mind Illuminated: A Complete Meditation Guide Integrating Buddhist Wisdom and Brain Science for Greater Mindfulness.
John Yates
Great book on Anapana meditation. Introduces a lot of models of the mind to help meditation practice. Very good for technique and how to practice. Not so much about integration into daily life.

The Science of Meditation: How to Change Your Brain, Mind and Body. Daniel Goleman & Richard Davidson
Meta-analysis of all the best studies done on meditation covering, attention-training, MBSR, Vipassana, Metta. Great for learning about brain science behind what we're doing.

The Science of Enlightenment: How Meditation Works. Shinzen Young
Probably my favorite author on meditation. He writes very clearly and logically and approaches meditation pragmatically and precisely. Good book giving a general overview and diving a bit into multiple aspects like technique, attitude, science and philosophy.

How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence. Michael Pollan
Great introduction to psychedelics. Amazing overview of science behind them, history, spirituality and the authors personal experience researching them for the book.

Old Path, White Clouds. Thich Nhat Hanh
Book about the historical Buddha's life, Siddhartha Gautama. Beautiful stories and feelings portrayed.

Cave in the Snow. A woman's quest for enlightenment. Vicki Mackenzie.
Inspiring autobiography of one of the first western females to be ordained. She stayed in a cave for 13 years to meditate and breaks a lot of the male-dominance of buddhist meditation.

A Path with Heart. Jack Kornfield
I love Jack's soft and heart-based approach to this path on which it can be easy to be dragged into overly technical or striving approaches.

The Places That Scare You. Pema Chödrön
Amazing book on Metta and how to integrate compassion and joy into your daily life.

Websites, Apps, and podcasts to view.
10 day Vipassana meditation retreats.
Retreats all over the world with very standardised Vipassana technique being taught. Can recommend for those wanting to go deeper into body awareness.

Deconstructing Yourself.
Michael Taft. Podcast.
Many techniques of meditation discussed. Quite in depth and can be technical but fascinating. Can also recommend his 1 hour long youtube meditations

Waking Up. Sam Harris. App
Single best resource for meditation related content. Has guided meditations, lecture, conversations with esteemed teachers. Covers many techniques but mainly nondual mindfulness. Free unlimited access for 7 days:

Insight Timer. App
Great meditation timer app. Also has many guided meditations. Be careful not to get distracted by the social platform side of the app.

Next Step Dharma. Online meditation course.
How to integrate a mindfulness practice into daily life. Best done after retreat.