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6-month Program
Buddy and Mentor

A 6-month practice commitment. A meditation Buddy and Reimar as your shared mentor

How do we stay accountable in our practice?

How can spiritual friendship nurture our practice?

How do we find direction and inspiration in our practice?

I have found that the key elements of a successful practice are

1) Having regular contact with someone who is also practicing and at a similar level as you.

2) Getting inspiration from teachers, whether through books, podcasts, talks.

3) an experienced and competent guide to keep you moving and practicing in the right way.

As such, I developed the 6-month buddy and mentor program. It is very simple and consists of

  • Buddy: A regular, weekly call with your meditation Buddy. Minimum 30 minutes. 

  • Mentor: A monthly two on one call with your buddy and Reimar. About 60 minutes.

  • Homework: Monthly homework which may include specific practice instructions or resources to read/listen to assigned to you after the monthly mentor call.

The idea of it is to give you personalised guidance while having a weekly buddy to check-in, discuss and reflect with. The weekly buddy call gives you accountability, motivation and helps you to develop your practice and understanding of it on a day to day basis. The monthly mentor call gives you and your buddy the chance to ask deeper questions, to get perspective and direction on your practice from an experienced teacher. 


A formal daily practice of 30-60 minutes in Vipassana meditation. More time is also welcome.

A weekly min. 30 minute call with your Buddy.

A monthly ~60 minute call with Reimar

Financial commitment: each call with Reimar runs on a donation basis. The suggested amount is 20-40 Euro per person.


It may take some time before we find a suitable Buddy for you. Buddies will be matched based on experience level and suitable time zone.

After an initial meeting with your Buddy you can decide whether to stay with or change Buddies.

Leave your details if you would like to be part of this program and I will get back to you when we find a suitable buddy.

Thanks for submitting!

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