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4-Day In-Person Retreat
Meditation & Embodiment

Stillness in Motion

September 18 - 22

Sintra, Portugal

How can we take what we learn on the cushion..

..into relation?

..into movement?

..into a full embodiment?

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Hosted by Vipassana at Home

Facilitated by Francisco Borges & Reimar Wen Shen

Supported by Sandra Fleischmann

Over 4 days we cultivate a silent mind and body. To see and meet the world clearly with the fullness of the body. We will discover how to move moment-by-moment with embodied presence, authenticity and spontaneously arising self-expression.

The Practices

Vipassana Meditation

Embodied Awareness Meditation

Embodied Metta (loving-kindness)


Authentic Movement

Relational Mindfulness

Poetry Writing

Dance & Contact Improvisation

Nature Immersion


Some Benefits that you may experience

Inner Silence


Embodied Awareness

Somatic Communication

Authentic Self-Expression

Sense of Belonging

Deeper connection to Self, Other & Nature


What makes this retreat special?

With facilitators from a background both in Vipassana meditation and dance improvisation, we hold a safe and accessible space for the integration of stillness in motion.

An embodied awareness to be cultivated beyond the cushion. Meditation extended to daily life, as we move in connection with others and the world around us.

Retreat Schedule

Wednesday 18 | Arrival in Afternoon / Dinner and Meditation

Thursday 19 | Intro to Meditation & Embodiment

Friday 20 | Meditation & Embodiment

Saturday 21 | Silent Day

Sunday 22 | Morning Session / Departure by Noon

Approximate Daily Schedule (Full Days)

6AM | Group Meditation

7AM | Movement Practice

8AM | Breakfast

10AM | Morning Session

1PM | Lunch 

2PM | Rest

3PM | Group Meditation

4PM | Afternoon Session

6PM | Dinner

8PM | Group Meditation 

10PM | Rest


4 Nights of Accommodation

3 Full retreat days, 2 Half days for arrival & departure

includes 3 vegetarian meals per day

290 EUR // discounted price for those in need

350 EUR // regular price

400 EUR // supporter price

125 EUR deposit is required to secure your spot.

100 EUR refundable up to 2 months before

50 EUR refundable up to 1 month before

Accommodation & Venue

Quinta Ten Chi in Sintra, Portugal

In the lush, green microclimate of Sintra, we have access to Nature, a wooden Dojo (meditation & movement hall).

Accommodation is your choice of

bringing your own Tent or Van with shared bathroom

> sleeping in shared dorms with a shared bathroom

> finding accommodation nearby in Sintra and organising your own transport

Participants & Accessibility

For you if you have an interest in meditation and are curious about how to EMBODY your practice beyond the cushion. It is helpful if you have some basic experience of meditation and a daily practice. 

You do not need to have any specific experience in EMBODIMENT, just a curiosity to learn what this field is about. The practices we explore are very gentle and do not require any physical fitness or ability.

However, the space is not wheelchair accessible due to stairs and nature paths.

How to get to 'Quinta Ten Chi'
Taxi from Lisbon Airport ~40 EUR. 

Train to Sintra train station (1.5hrs from Lisbon Airport) and taxi 7 EUR to Ten Chi.

There will be a Whatsapp group to self-organise sharing transport.

For further questions please email Reimar.

September 18 - 22

Sintra, Portugal


A shared passion for practices of Body & Mind. Sandra, my partner and Francisco, a dear friend, are wonderful humans that I met through dance. 

What is Embodiment?

Embodiment is fully inhabiting the Body. The Body as "I" not "It". How our Body is makes up a big part of how we are. The Body as not just a "Brain Taxi". How our Body is, is how we are. 


Notice your Body. Notice your current posture. Are you more forwards or backwards? Are you slumping or upright? Does your Body feel collapsed or expanded? How is your breathing? 


Now take a deep breath, inhaling and straighten up. Invite the chest to gently open. A soft, wide open gaze. Exhale relax and soften the Jaw, Throat, Chest and Belly. Feel the legs. Take another few slow deep breaths while looking up, away from the screen. 


Feel any different?

Meditation & Embodiment​


In both meditation and embodiment, the Mind-Body interdependence is at the heart of the practice. ​


"Body and Mind is not two and not one."

Shunryu Suzuki (Zen Mind, Beginners Mind)

​In Meditation we primarily work with the MIND. With attention & awareness. This impacts the Body. A soft and open state of mind will invite the same quality in the Body. MIND influences BODY.​


In Embodiment we primarily work with the BODY. With the physical posture, movement, breath, relaxation, direction. BODY influences MIND. ​


A classic embodiment practice that you have probably tried is Yoga or breathwork. However, working with the body in any conscious way is Embodiment. Embodiment is to be aware of the body and learn to self-regulate. When we are regulated we can also regulate others. Embodiment also includes a dimension of embodied social awareness and influence. 

My experience with Embodiment

Always having been very physically active, I always felt there was something more to the Body than how it looks or the health/fitness level. I practiced Taekwondo for many years as a kid and felt it helped me to be more disciplined, alert and attentive. ​


After practicing meditation more seriously, I also discovered dance improvisation. Here, we work with the Body A LOT. Spending hours at a time in non-verbal spaces moving, relating. Very special states of Mind and Body were experienced. States of Flow and presence, connection and depth. States that became more widely available even outside of the dancefloor. ​

I started facilitating dance improv workshops and saw the power it had on people to transform the relationship they had to their Body. To more fully inhabit their Body. To develop sensitivity and become empowered, through the Body.​


In 2024, I decided to study to become an Embodiment Coach. I was blown away by a rigorous system which took the essentials of why I felt better, more alert, connected, and centered and organised them into a system by which I could help others.

​​..and this 4-day retreat was birthed!​

I feel the importance of both Meditation and Embodiment. Sitting quietly, we develop the sensitivity, awareness and clarity to work with the Body effectively. This is what inspires me to share a MEDITATION & EMBODIMENT retreat dedicated to bridging the practice from silence & stillness into movement and relation to others. 

September 18 - 22

Sintra, Portugal

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