Reimar offers one-to-one personalised guidance for your Vipassana and Mindfulness Practice

If Vipassana is practised properly, you will see the results. You can ask yourself:

How have your thoughts & actions evolved from being harmful to being helpful to yourself and others?

How quickly does mental balance return when you fall into suffering?

With the right mindfulness, over time you will be further and further away from suffering, be happier in your life and be free from any attachment to this happiness.

If you are not finding these benefits we usually find one of two issues.
1) There is something off with the way you apply the technique during your formal sitting/walking meditation periods.
2) You are not bringing the practice off the cushion to observe yourself in mindfulness throughout your day.

As solo practitioners we can be blind to our habitual ways which prevent us from progressing on the path. A coach/guide/teacher's job is to see this and point it out to you.

We recommend attending the Vipassana at Home 10-day course first before starting a one-to-one relationship.

Personal sessions are typically every two weeks, lasting 30 to 60 minutes.

The sessions are run on a give-what-you-can basis. The suggested is 0 to 60 Euro per session.

To enquire, please contact Reimar.