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One-to-One Meditation Guidance with Reimar

Meditation is a skill, an art, and a practice. Sometimes an active cultivation, sometimes a conscious letting go. Just like learning anything, it can be helpful to have a mentor or guide that knows the territory, having crossed it themselves.


The WHY that inspires us to meditate every day is fundamental to shaping the way we should practice. Whether it is connecting to something deeper, going beyond the mundane, becoming a better friend, parent, or lover, getting to know ourselves better, or finding more clarity and peace regardless of circumstance.


Each individual is different. We all have strengths and blind spots. As such, a personalized approach to meditation is fruitful as we grow to find our own relationship to the practice and walk our own path. 

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How we work together

We meet once every two weeks

A video call lasting around one hour conducted over ZOOM. Together, we find out your goals for meditation and discuss how you are currently practising. We develop a practice that covers your formal meditation time as well as integrating it off the cushion into the rest of your day. We also have time to talk about anything you are curious about and continually reassess how you are going, what's working and what isn't.

Minimum commitment is three months

This will be a good time frame to set you in the right direction. Of course, we can continue to work together after this and adjust the frequency as needed. 

Your practice is the most important

Between the calls you continue to work with your daily practice on and off the cushion. A minimum of 30 minutes of formal meditation per day is required. One hour is great. We develop the practice built on inspiration and motivation to practice rather than something you force yourself to do to.

Meditation leaves no stone unturned.

Meditation practised honestly and whole-heartedly leaves no part of our lives untouched. Our relationship to others, to work, and to ourselves when no-one is looking.


Each session is run on a donation-basis. The suggested amount is 30 to 60 EUR. 

Stefano, Germany 

"It is hard to put into words how good it has been to be mentored by Reimar so far. Under his guidance, I have experienced firsthand many of the teachings of the Buddha and have drastically improved how I relate to my experience as a human. During our one-on-one sessions, he has been able to establish a safe space where we can discuss anything. He has listened carefully to my challenges and provided invaluable advice that has helped me overcome many of them. I would recommend Reimar to anyone looking for a teacher."

Are you ready?

Working together one-to-one is a commitment. It involves time, energy and financial commitment. I am happy to work with anyone who is truly interested and motivated to delve in Vipassana meditation.

If you want to work together, I recommend you to first complete the 10-Day Basic Course I offer. To familiarise yourself with my teaching style and get the basics of how to practice.

Feel free to contact me in the form below. It's helpful if you add some detail about your current practice and why you would feel you'd benefit from working together!

At the moment I am not taking any new one-to-one students. If you wish, you can add your name in the form below and I will notify you when space opens again!

Thanks for your message.

I will get back to you soon.

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