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Traditionally, the teachings of the Buddha, also known as the “Dhamma”, have always been shared freely to everyone. The Dhamma is kept accessible and pure as it relies on the generosity and goodwill of people. 

Donation Options:

Donate via Bank Transfer (cheapest for us)
Name: Reimar W S Scholz

BSB: 083-170
Acc: 77-096-9539

IBAN: DE86100110012620938557

Donate via Paypal
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Donations are given to support the teacher and to continue helping people with this wonderful technique. Those who are more financially fortunate help by giving generously so that those who cannot afford to donate can also benefit.

Dāna means “generosity” or “giving” in Pali. It is the practice of cultivating generosity and selfless giving and is part of the Dhamma. 

We invite you to donate with a mind free from expectation and attachment and full of love and goodwill, donating selflessly. Think of your donation as ‘paying it forward’ for the next cohort of people who will benefit from this course.

Suggested Donation: 100$AUD/ 60€EUR
Of course, if this is not realistic for you, it is more important to give with a pure heart. More generous donations are also welcome!